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I picked up my first camera in university, and it was like a giant question in my life had been answered. I’ve always been a storyteller; writing my first “short story” at the very tender age of five — the spelling was atrocious, as you can imagine. I had this pressing need to express my thoughts, imaginings and how I saw the world on paper. To describe.


While I didn’t know it then, I was already seeing the world as a photographer. I noticed how the interplay of light and shadow impacted mood and colour, and paid attention to small, beautiful details — like still lifes forever etched in my mind. I described it all through my pen; I simply didn’t realize that there was a way of capturing those still lifes in real-time until my early 20s.

My path as an artist has been meandering, like many artists. But what started as a passion soon turned into a profession. I’ve dabbled; in photojournalism, street photography, landscape and portraits. Thirsty always to challenge myself and learn. I still write; and find that swapping storytelling mediums helps me expand as my artistic vision continues to evolve.

Self Portrait - Sept 27 - 2023 - EDITED WEB-5.jpg
Self Portrait Feb 2024 - EDITED - Print-1.jpg


When I get ready for a shoot, I remind myself to “see life like a movie,” and that very much describes my photography ethos. To document lovers, mothers, individuals and brands with the same whimsy and wonder with which I aim to live my own life.


Nothing brings me greater joy than to share in the telling of someone’s story, to document their passion, or to create work that is going to connect inspiring brands with inspiring people — and to do all of that while creating a safe, positive and collaborative space.

My goal is to make you feel seen, heard and understood — so that you, or your vision, can shine in your highest light in front of my lens.

This is my gift to you; not only photos or memories or assets, but an experience that leaves you feeling like your unique light can shine even brighter as you traverse through the world. 

Becky and Joel Matthews - Couple Shoot - Dec 4 - 2023 - Edited for Social Media-85.jpg




I'm a Mama

My son is the center of my universe and the single greatest joy in my life. When he was born, I was reborn. Everyday I try to show him a little more magic in this big beautiful world, so that he grows up to romanticize his life, too. I’m also mama to my fur baby Taco the Cat; who smells like cinnamon and honey and is just as sweet. 

I LOVE Cafés

It’s almost impossible for me to leave the house and not justify getting myself “a little treat.” I spend far too much time buying overpriced coffee, indulging in cakes and pastries, and fantasizing that I’m someone’s coffee-shop-crush.
It’s a hobby.

I Read A LOT

I was always that little kid with my nose firmly tucked between the pages of a good book. While I’ve dipped my toes in numerous genres over the years, I consistently return to fantasy. LOTR and Harry Potter are firm favourites. 
I’m presently in my Faerie Smut Era and loving it. 



Hi dreamer. I'm ready to take the leap and tell your story if you are. Let's have a chat — I can't wait to get to meet you.

Becky and Joel Matthews - Couple Shoot - Dec 4 - 2023 - Edited for Social Media-95.jpg
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