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A thick shield of ice covers Lake Louise, Alberta, enabling my feet to carefully step onto its frozen surface. Around me, the world is covered in gleaming white snow; from the smallest bramble to the highest reaches of the tallest mountains.


My eye is drawn to a line of pine trees and the log cabin nestled at their base. In the summer, the cabin houses colourful canoes that splash merrily out onto the lake’s pristine glacial waters. But in the midst of winter, its shuttered windows sleep quietly. That silence is pervasive as I gaze around me. Even the birds are asleep.


While far-off in the mountains lining the lake I’m sure creatures great and small go about their daily acts of survival, here I can’t help but feel a delightful sense of isolation. Of a world at rest; enjoying the cold and the quiet before the sun calls for renewal and growth once more.


Each print is hand-signed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 


  • This image is printed on archival-quality lustre (also known as pearl finish) paper, which beautifully showcases dark blacks and deep colours. The finish limits glare, and is perfect both framed or hung-up on its own. 

    For best results, please give prints a few days to flatten out completely before framing and/or hanging. 

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