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Hong Kong is a place of dichotomies. A place where rich and poor, old and new, tradition and innovation coexist — perhaps not seamlessly, but organically. The entire region feels like a living being; breathing, sleeping and eating along with the rest of us. It’s a place of towering skyscrapers; with floors upon floors of people living, running businesses and dining. A place where life changes rapidly. A chocolate or ramen shop you loved to frequent only a few years ago might quickly be built over; claimed by the city.


It’s also a place where life hardly changes at all. There are these pockets of nostalgia littered throughout Hong Kong. Such as in the Aberdeen Floating Village. While the village is not entirely immune to change, particularly to the effects of commercialized fishing, it retains a feeling that life moves at a slower pace here. Around 600 traditional junks are anchored in the harbour, and sampan boats are commonly used as transportation from Aberdeen to the nearby island of Ap Lei Chau. To me, Aberdeen Floating Village — sitting at the base of towering skyscrapers — epitomizes Hong Kong’s essence of dichotomy.


Each print is hand-signed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 


  • This image is printed on archival-quality lustre (also known as pearl finish) paper, which beautifully showcases dark blacks and deep colours. The finish limits glare, and is perfect both framed or hung-up on its own. 

    For best results, please give prints a few days to flatten out completely before framing and/or hanging. 

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