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What I love most about waterfalls is that you hear them long before you can see them. The powerful rush of water starts off as a gentle hush; just a whisper, a promise of something majestic if you only continue a little bit further. As that quiet hum becomes louder and louder, it pushes away distracting thoughts. It’s like the waterfall is saying, “Still your mind. Be fully present. You’ll want to enjoy me as much as you can.” And you do, for when you finally see the power of the water, experience the thrill of standing at its base, you can’t help but give in to the flow.


That’s how I felt stumbling across this waterfall in New Zealand. The air around was thick and heady with humidity. Green, so much green, surrounded me as I tread the slippery path to the fall’s base. As its voice grew louder, my busy mind silenced. Standing before its power made me feel delightfully small. Made me give in; relinquish control and stress and all the things that in this modern life we feel are necessary for success and fulfillment. Instead, I flowed.


Each print is hand-signed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 


  • This image is printed on archival-quality lustre (also known as pearl finish) paper, which beautifully showcases dark blacks and deep colours. The finish limits glare, and is perfect both framed or hung-up on its own. 

    For best results, please give prints a few days to flatten out completely before framing and/or hanging. 

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