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When I was a child, my family went up to a little lake-side cabin in the middle of rural Alberta. Across from the gravel road was a forest. In my mind, encouraged by my parents, this forest was magical. Enchanted, even.


We would spend what felt like hours at the time traipsing through the woods. Searching for dwarves beneath fallen branches, and fairies amidst bluebells. To this day, those woods instill within me a sense of wonder. That I’m surrounded by spirits inhabiting the undergrowth, mossy tree trunks and trembling canopies.


I’ve now adventured to many more forests across the globe, and seen many more trees that have also felt enchanted; inhabited by spirits. Like this tree, which I encountered during a trip to New Zealand’s North Island. Quite literally on the other side of the world from where I grew up, from all those magical summers at the cabin. But I got the same feeling.


Standing below branches so thick they covered the sky, with curious roots exploring the earth, the smell of green, growing things saturating the air. I knew this tree was enchanted. 


Each print is hand-signed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity.