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Looking at this image soothes me. The soft light, the intersecting triangles of the forest and rocky beach, the pristine reflection mirroring what is with what is just a fragment. A moment that will slip away as soon as a wind stirs the water, a stone is thrown, or the light changes as the sun rises.


This is the balance of reality and dreams. Of tangible and intangible. Of presence and memory. Of the pragmatic every day and the magical musings of imagination.


The duality of life working in simple harmony. Attaining that harmony, finding that balance, is not always easy. But when realized, when rootedness and whimsy flourish together, the result is true inner peace.


Each print is hand-signed, and comes with a Certificate of Authenticity. 


  • This image is printed on archival-quality lustre (also known as pearl finish) paper, which beautifully showcases dark blacks and deep colours. The finish limits glare, and is perfect both framed or hung-up on its own. 

    For best results, please give prints a few days to flatten out completely before framing and/or hanging. 

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